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feminist street art @ Montreal

neropriska said: I love your art and what you do, you're a great inspiration!!!

thankssss!!!!! :3 :3 :3

even a small donation will help!

last chance to donate and help bring some awesome street artists to #montreal next month for this much needed convergence! @lmnopimaize @greyeyes_art @graficamazatl @decolonizehistory @banditstreetart #decolonizingstreetart #montrealstreetart #decolonize


Here’s our last little video to remind you that there’s only ONE WEEK before the end of our Indiegogo campaign !

Please share and support !!  <3

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read it here:

odetomyday said: I saw one of your pieces today while looking for moving boxes. I knew your style from tumblr so it was pretty neat!

nothing beats a live encounter! 


ZINE SUBMISSION CALL: If you’d like to contribute any art / words / photos / drawings / whatever to Girls Get Busy #22, please email your submissions to
From now on all future GGB issues will be in full colour, so please bare that in mind when submitting ☺ Black and white submissions are still accepted 
Girls Get Busy is a feminist creative platform that supports female-identified artists, writers and musicians. You can read Girls Get Busy zines for free at
Fuck you mural fest

4. Decolonizing Street Art: Teaser for August in Montreal (unceded territory)from BSA Film Friday 05.23.14"This August a new gathering will converge to further the street art conversation while putting a focus on activism. It’s goal of turning attention to the decolonization of Turtle Island and reminding people who live in Montreal of the city’s colonial h…"
lookat this nice poster on sale here

Chillin’ at the Montreal Anarchist Book fair this week end&#160;! Thanks so much to everyone support &#160;!

We need moar money to get the rad indigenous street artists here! please support the convergence and participate in the indiegogo campaign!